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HiConnect for ultimate Fleet and Asset optimisation

Take your business to the next level. Register your equipment for free

HiConnect enhances the productivity of Hiab customer’s businesses through connected Hiab equipment. The technology provides real-time insights into equipment utilisation, operation, and condition. This data can be used to actively optimise performance, safety and avoid unnecessary downtime. Web-based dashboards with clear and simple overviews provide status monitoring, service planning, and help improve the operation of each unit and operator.

HiConnect Premium offers a complete service that delivers excellence through data. Put your entire fleet at your fingertips and see operation and operator performance KPIs, individual site visits, service alerts, and equipment history.

HiConnect gives businesses a map and overview of operation insights to understand equipment usage and performance - at no cost.

Download the HiConnect flyer to see how your business can benefit

Available on all products equipped with connectivity carrying the connectivity symbol.


Data-driven efficiency and safety with HiConnect

Watch this short video to understand what HiConnect does and how it can help your business productivity.

How HiConnect works

Take away the guesswork

HiConnect is in constant real-time connection with all connected units. Fleet managers can monitor the productivity and safety of individual vehicles and the entire fleet, assessing the split between idle and up time, meaning they can make more sustainable decisions on use. Daily usage and trends are displayed, along with granular views of individual machines allowing service managers to anticipate service needs and plan accordingly.

Boost performance

Web-based dashboards display insights on equipment usage, location, time in operation, idle time, and productivity level. Fleet managers and owners can use data to:

  • Identify opportunities to increase uptime
  • Better plan daily work schedules to help improve individual equipment and fleet productivity
  • Plan routine maintenance to optimise usage and utilisation

Improve safety

HiConnect maintains constant contact with all units, giving fleet managers the ability to stop unsafe behaviour and usage before an incident happens. Data can be used to:

  • Plan driver and operator training where there are gaps in safety practices
  • Increase equipment lifetime by anticipating service needs early
  • Identify equipment misuse and logs potential problems

Control over maintenance needs

View service history and plan upcoming services based on real time service counters based on actual usage. From one easily accessible central point, data can help to:

  • Identify usage patterns to help track and increase equipment lifetime
  • Prepare for service before equipment arrives to optimise service needs
  • Provide granular views of individual machine activity to avoid unexpected downtime

Register to get HiConnect free for all connected products

Register your name and your Hiab equipment today, and get free access to HiConnect. The free version contains many great features, such as a live map of your connectivity fleet, the upcoming maintenance dates, operation time, used capacity and more. 


Note: It generally takes us a couple of days to add new equipment to your HiConnect fleet. In order to speed things up, please add your Hiab equipment serial number(s) already here in this form. You can also add equipment later on, directly in HiConnect.

Are you already a HiConnect user?

There is no need to download or install any apps or software. 

Click here to go directly to the HiConnect portal

Availability and functionality may vary between markets. Please consult your local Hiab sales representative.

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