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Industry and segment applications

Hiab has your industry covered

Construction & Logistics: Brick and block

Loading and unloading close to the truck, continuous cycles and repetitive work is what characterizes this type of activity bringing great stress to the cranes. In order to offset this typical type of use are the many technical solutions that HIAB puts into its designs, assuring avoiding damaging the crane and allowing many years of use with overall low operating costs.

A selection of key models make this activity cost effective and are built to last and withstand the everyday operations.

Construction: Drywall handling

HIAB cranes has developed a series of loader cranes dedicated especially to handling drywall material. The K-Crane models design have a longer first boom, that helps reduce the need for additional extensions, while capable of delivering to the highest floors at any construction site.

K-Crane models come in a variety of lifting capacities. Discover more.


Construction: Heavy material loads

Loading finishing equipment like air conditioning systems, compressors, piping and many more objects is a common need at any construction site, where precision and speed make the difference. The technology developed by HIAB loader cranes is addressed to making the life of the crane’s driver easier, assisting him with market leading innovative functions.

Construction: Roofing

Extended reach and the possibility to hover across the higher parts of the buildings is essential for any job required to build and maintain roofs. Larger size cranes are ideal in terms of the reach performance, but also capable of lifting the material and other items that need to be placed on the higher sections of buildings or smaller houses.

Boom extensions or the use of special accessories like the basket prove to make the difference for this common type of application in the construction industry.


Around the world moving and handling material requires reliable and clever solutions, HIAB cranes are ideal for a wide range of needs. From renting companies busy in the lifting business, to supporting logistic companies deliver materials, we are there with a solution for you.

The continuous load and drop of material close to the truck and at the site require reliable smaller sized cranes.

HIAB is the ideal partner for bigger key accounts that seek fleet optimization and uptime service for keeping this demanding type of business constantly up and running.

  • Material delivery
  • Rental companies
  • Container handling

Municipalities and Public care

Handling of public spaces and objects require mid to small cranes that allow local authorities and municipalities to take care of public parks and related gardening management, small removals, placing and maintenance of vaults and monuments. These are just some of the many everyday needs that affect the management of cities and townships around the world.

Accessory items like the bucket or hoist are particularly useful for this type of application.

Oil & Gas

High durability and extreme reliability are key for serving this sector, HIAB cranes are built to withstand the demanding industries working conditions, whether for helping place and build the oil and gas pipelines and stations or simply carrying out service interventions.

EFFER covers the most challenging applications

EFFER loader cranes are known for meeting the most challenging lifting needs for mainstream and special industry applications, with unique solutions in all the ranges all the way up to the heavy and super heavy cranes.

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