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Recycling cranes


Always at your side

Recycling is a serious business that is at the sharp end of sustainable waste management. When you use a JONSERED lift you are guaranteed smart, efficient and safe operations. By incorporating the latest in design and build technology with sturdy and durable materials, a JONSERED can support your business to work harder. All backed up by industry leading warranty and service support to keep you lifting wherever your business takes you.


A JONSERED recycling crane is designed for the rigours and working conditions associated with lifting heavy and bulky bins. But it doesn’t stop there. Expand your business from lifting glass and wood to cars and construction debris. JONSERED cranes have been tested and proven to easily withstand a decade of work in all weather conditions, regularly delivering quicker real-time results. Today’s recycling industry demands operators to work quicker, more efficiently and to higher safety standards than ever before. To achieve this, the equipment must be built using the strongest materials and developed with the working conditions in mind.

Uncompromised performance

Designed to exceed industry standards and constructed for swift and accurate lifting with specially developed and well-proven technology. All JONSERED cranes are tested both in the lab and the field to guarantee optimum performance in all weather and operating conditions.

Safety first

Digital safety features offer peace of mind for the operator and help to minimise the risk of injury to people in the vicinity or damage to the working environment. Designed with real customer insights informing the safety features that come standard on all JONSERED cranes.

Push up profitability

Continue to grow business by minimising downtime and increasing overall productivity time. Only top-quality materials and production processes go into constructing a JONSERED crane so each pick up is accurate and fast. Be more agile and flexible and move across different sectors with a range of grapples and accessories.


A Hiab is not just a piece of equipment, it is a crucial business partner - an investment in your future, with the latest technology onboard, to control your fleet, optimise workload and uptime. Always with safety as a priority. All covered by Hiab’s exceptional global service network.

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Make every working day seamless with Hiab recycling cranes that incorporate innovative design and technology with robust build. Precision accuracy and safety systems increase uptime, minimise damages to the equipment, and reduce risk liability - lift after lift.

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A recycling crane for every job

Waste and recycling

Perfectly adapted for tough recycling and waste jobs with a variety of boom types and capacities to match your business needs. From stationary or truck-mounted, bucket or grapple, S or Z boom, JONSERED has it covered.

Heavy recycling

Move large, heavy or awkward items with ease and contribute to the circular resource economy. Collect, sort, process, and redistribute bulky waste quickly, safely and seamlessly from one site to another.


Construction work

Tackle the diverse range of jobs on a construction site with confidence using a maneuverable crane and industry specific accessories. Go beyond the traditional uses of a recycling crane with a wide range of grapples and buckets.

Stationary cranes for industry

Customise a stationary crane for lifting heavy loads in industry specific environments. A range of grapples and buckets can easily  handle a range of different materials and weights.

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